23, creative and sporadically sharing my ramblings on the internet. I’m a Broadcast Journalism graduate living in south London, seeking work and attempting to navigate the world of job searching during a pandemic. After experience at The BBC, Sunday Times Style, the Government Digital Service and a number of smaller media outlets, I’ve realised there is nothing I enjoy more than storytelling and communicating. This is where I do just that, so I hope you find something to entertain you.

When we’re not stuck inside, I can be found hosting over the top dinner parties, sussing out local coffee shops and thoroughly planning my next holiday. I’m a relatively confident and sociable person, which probably comes from my big family, and I spend a lot of my time trying to make people laugh. When I was younger I used to say that I wanted to be Graham Norton when I grew up, and although it’s technically impossible, I think my nosey nature, constant chatter and old soul mean I’m not too far off.

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