A week ago I went down to London to see the most recent version Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’, a play about Bobby, who is celebrating his 35th birthday whilst his friends are all wondering why he isn’t married.

I’ve seem Company before, however this was a production with a twist. Rather than being a male lead, Bobby has become Bobbie, a woman attempting to navigate unmarried life. Marianne Elliott has reimagined the much loved musical to be far more 21st century, showing that there perhaps is no normal version of adult life. Bobbie spends the performance weighing up the pros and cons of married life and trying to decide what she wants. We get an insight into her relationships and the questionable men she dates along the way. Rosalie Craig is the lead and she was brilliant, portraying Bobbie as likeable and friendly, rather than the detached male characters we’re used to. You can see why her married friends want to keep her around.

Credit: Company Production Shots

Speaking of her friends, they’re all portrayed wonderfully too with Patti LuPone and Mel Giedroyc returning to the stage. A particular favourite of mine however was Jonathan Bailey with his rendition of ‘I’m Not Getting Married Today’. He plays Jamie (previously Amy but now one half of the show’s gay couple) and it’s a hilarious scene with cast members popping out of freezers as Jamie has a minor break down over his impending wedding. His character is the only other gender switch and again, it really works. The only other noticeable change is the swap in Jenny and David’s dialogue so that Jenny is a high-powered career woman whilst David is the stay at home dad. Again, nothing that groundbreaking but certainly more suited to the modern day.

I won’t go on too much but just know it’s brilliant and definitely worth going to see. The set is unique (Elliott directed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time so think something along those lines) and the cast sound wonderful together with songs you’ll be singing for days. Seriously, go and see it.

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