Everyday since my last post, I have brainstormed ideas for what the next one should be about and to be honest with you, I’m still pretty stuck. I think it’s partly because every time I think of an idea or topic, I worry that either no one will care what I have to say about it, or that it won’t be good enough.

I’ve always been good, but not quite good enough. My essays are always ok, but never quite a first. I can sing, but gave it up when it got competitive because there were people much better than me. I acted throughout my school career but never got a lead part. I rowed, but never made the top crew. You get the idea. But writing is something I really want to be good at, it’s something I enjoy and want to share. Recently though, I think I’ve become so focused on producing words that I want other people to enjoy that I’ve forgotten to enjoy them myself. The fear of doing something and failing or doing something and it not being perfect is stopping me from trying in the first place. And no one got anywhere by not trying.

So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry. I’m going to write what I want to write and allow myself to not be perfect at it. I’m going to give my opinions and recommendations and advice and write pretty much whatever I want and enjoy it, and if you’d like to read it too, that’d be even better.

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