On Tuesday, my summer travels come to an end. I have spent the most unforgettable time in Greece, I’ve wandered for hours through Spain and have celebrated my family with them in the Channel Islands. I have no more holidays and no more exciting plans, just plenty of time to earn back all the money I’ve spent and scroll through the endless photos. However, in the meantime, and so that I can drag out the reminiscing for as long as possible, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learnt from the past 6 weeks.


  • Wear sun cream, everyday, right up to the edge of your swimming costume.
  • Don’t spend 12 euros on a mojito, it’s really not worth it.
  • You’re not going to exercise everyday, that’s ok. In fact it’s ok not to exercise at all.
  • Make sure you eat 3 meals a day, especially when travelling with a male, they get particularly hangry. Might be worth bringing snacks.
  • Send a couple of postcards, it makes other people happy and doesn’t cost you much.
  • Do as much as you can but don’t be annoyed if you couldn’t manage everything you wanted.
  • Read.
  • Sleep.
  • Don’t drink too much wine at lunch, you feel sleepy and lose the afternoon and then feel guilty about it later.
  • Be flexible, plans might change but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Clean your feet before you get into bed, there’s nothing worse than sandy sheets.
  • Try and see the sunset everyday.IMG_1711 (1)
  • When buying aloe vera moisturiser to help with sunburn, make sure it is in fact moisturiser and not hair conditioner (easy mistake to make).
  • Don’t compare your holiday to other people’s, you’re lucky to be where you are and should be busy living your life, not looking at theirs.
  • Remember that people form opinions about you quickly in a shared villa, try and make sure they’re good ones.
  • Sneaking into hotel pools is easier than you’d think and a great way to spend the afternoon. Added bonus if it’s a DoubleTree Hilton, they give out free cookies.
  • Don’t forget bug spray and make sure you don’t run out of toothpaste.
  • Don’t underestimate the difference an iced coffee can make to your mood but don’t get addicted, they’re full of sugar.
  • If you’re going on a bike ride, make sure you won’t be cycling up any surprise mountains (I learnt that the hard way)
  • Always carry a deck of cards or uno.
  • Swim in the sea, 9 times out of 10 it is true when people say “It’s lovely once you’re in”.
  • It’s ok to take a bit of time for yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Chances are you won’t realise what a great time you’re having until it’s over, make sure you enjoy it while you’re there.

If you are yet to embark on your summer travels I am incredibly envious, I shall be here, trying to endure the heatwave and drinking copious amounts of Pimms which actually, now I think about it, doesn’t sound that bad at all.


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